Stephen Korbich, Artist

Stephen Korbich is a an artist-architect who paints in oils with a focus on urban landscapes and architectural scenes.  His style is both realistic and impressionistic.  His influences range from Edward Hopper to Degas to Lebbeus Woods.  

His process involves exhaustive site and scene research, using digital photography, notes and sketches to develop a subject for his paintings.  Some of the paintings require a good deal of layout, where he drafts on the canvas to give an accurate framework to work upon.  Stephen likes to work quickly to create a painting that has both realistic relationships and abstract forms.  Stephen constructs his own canvases and frames, which he prefers to store bought items.            

Stephens training and experience as an architect influences the way he sees the world and what he wants to paint. He is interested in the relationship between man and nature and how this influences the built environment. Stephen says, "there is both a disturbing and poetic way that our constructed interventions impact the world visually".  Stephen tires to capture this in his paintings.  He likes the tactile quality of painting and the way it forces him to really look at something and understand the nature of a place or object.


Stephen has a bachelors degree in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado.  In this degree, he was able to pursue other courses outside of architecture.  Anthropology, Psychology, Film Making and Fine Arts were all part of his studies.  The Environmental Design program helped to create a foundation for how he looks at the world.

While Stephen does not have a formal degree in art, he has taken classes in drawing and painting over the years.  When he decided to get serious about painting in 2009, he was lucky to get some one-on-one painting lessons from a professional artist at a small studio in Portland.  Being in the studio and working with the artist was very motivational for Stephen.


Since then, Stephen has been producing a constant stream of paintings, many of which have been sold.  The work continues.

List of Shows/Galleries:

    Architectural Heritage Center – One Man Show, March 2010

    Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts – Group Show, June 2010

    Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts – Juried Show, June 2011

    Architectural Heritage Center – Group Show, November 2011

    Portland Art Museum Rental Gallery – Group Show, June 2012    

    Living Room Realty Gallery - Solo Show, January 2014    

    Blackfish Gallery - Fishbowl Gallery - Single Painting Show, February 2014

    Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts - Open Show - Blue Ribbon Award, June 2014  

    Architectural Heritage Center – One Man Show 2015  

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